New West Building Almost Ready to Go

With the outside completed, the finishing touches are being put on the interior of the West Building. Construction remains on schedule and the new facility will be completely operational come tournament time. 

New Loge 
The 750 new Loge seats provide a breathtaking view of Center Court and Kings Island. The new seats also have the added bonus of being shaded for most of the day session. 
Press Box
At the top of the new West Building is a state-of-the-art media center that includes 100 TVs and 94 reporter stations. Each reporter will have his or her own TV that includes a feed to each of the four match courts.
The new player dining facility will provide players with a variety of food options. The dining area offers a salad bar, a make-your-own pasta and potato bar, as well as a rotating menu prepared by Elegant Fare.
The ground floor of the new West Building will be a place for players to relax and socialize in between matches. It will include a pool table, video gaming systems, sofas and chairs as well as 18 computer stations.
The new locker rooms have been built to handle the extra-large tennis bags of professional players. TVs throughout the locker room will keep players up to speed with what is going on on Center Court. 
 In addition to locker rooms, the bottom level includes multiple treatment rooms where players can receive massages and treatments for injuries.