Team Management Tool Makes USTA League Organizing Easier

April 20, 2011 04:19 PM
Captains and team members can better stay in sync with the Team Management Tool.
Attention USTA League captains and players: While the competition on the court remains tough as ever, getting there for your match has never been easier.

The Team Management Tool (TMT) takes the headache out of managing your tennis schedule, whether you are the captain of a team or a team member.

Previously, keeping track of matches and practices often required frequent offline communication, which can be especially confusing considering routine, last-minute changes are inevitable over the course of a season.

Just as you don't necessarily need to be the most advanced player to enjoy league play, neither should you need to be a web wiz to utilize TennisLink effectively. The hope now is that TMT can be your one-stop-shop for everything USTA League.

"The tool has been designed to enhance the USTA League experience for players and captains by streamlining the administrative requirements for team management," said Darcy Cobb, Manager, USTA League. "We hope that this will continue to engage the players with TennisLink and their personalized My Tennis Page."

Some highlighted features include:

Captains can…
•       Build lineups for:
    –     Matches
    –     Practices
•       View and update player availability 
•       Set team preferences
•       View player preferences and statistics
•       Create announcements:
    –     Team announcements – can be viewed only by team members
    –     Public announcements – can be viewed in TennisLink by anyone
•       E-mail all players or only players in lineup
•       Can e-mail registration notices to selected players from prior teams
Players can…
•       View published lineups for:
    –     Matches
    –     Practices
•       View and update their availability
•       Update their preferences
•       View player statistics
•       E-mail the team
Users can access the Team Management Tool by:

1) Log into your online USTA account,
2) Go to your league page, and
3) Under Quick Links, click the "Team Management" option.