Rookwood Cup

The Rookwood Cup
Roger Federer with the Cup
Serena Williams with the Cup

Over the last 114 years, the tournament has had 13 different trophies, ranging from silver, to crystal, to pottery. These trophies have symbolized the history and prestige of Cincinnati, differentiating the Western & Southern Open from all other tournaments.


The current trophy given to victors at the Western & Southern Open is truly a work of art. This unique piece of Rookwood Pottery has been used at the tournament since 2010 and continues to captivate those who see it.


Fun Facts:

  • The perpetual trophy sits on a walnut base with the names of the winners engraved in sterling silver
  • Champions and runners-up receive smaller versions to be displayed in their homes
  • The Rookwood Cup has been featured in publications such as Sports Illustrated
  • The perpetual trophy weighs 12 pounds, features tennis balls nested in acanthus leaves, and bears the inscription honoring "the oldest tournament in the United States still played in its original city."
  • In the first Cincinnati Open in 1899, the Gentleman's Singles first prize was a Rookwood ale set- a tankard and 6 mugs and the Ladies' Doubles first prize was a Rookwood vase