The Vitals: A Guide to Getting Ready for the Open

Water Policy      
You can most definitely bring water! Just need to follow the rules with it. Make sure that if you want to bring it on the grounds it needs to be an unopened clear plastic bottle of water up to 33.5 ounces/1 Liter. Or if you want to bring a water container from home that isn't see through, make sure it's empty and will contain up to 33.5 ounces/1 Liter. If your water bottle has a label, it better be Dasani or Evian. If it isn't the label must be removed due to exclusive sponsorship.   Cliff_Turrell_-_Gates_8-15-14-1968  


Bag Policy


Our goal with our Bag Policy is to make sure all guests have a safe and enjoyable visit. For this reason, guests are not permitted to bring backpacks to the Lindner Family Tennis Center (Multi-Compartment Bag with multiple shoulder straps). All bags brought onto the grounds are subject to a complete and thorough search.

Bags that CAN be brought to the Lindner Family Tennis Center:

- Tote Bags, Cinch Bags, and other Single Compartment Bags, 12"X18"X15" or smaller (bag must fit in lap or under occupied seat).

-Single Strap Diaper Bags if accompanied by a child.





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Big time news! This year we have Free Wi-Fi covering the entire grounds! When you join us for the tournament, activate Wi-Fi on your device, scan for networks and connect to Fan Wi-Fi by Powernet. You won't miss a single alert with all of the new coverage.   PowerNetPicture  
Odds and Ends      
Here are a few nuances to what you can and can't bring to the Western and Southern Open.

-No Selfie Sticks, you'll have to do it the old fashioned way
-No Drones (Any mechanical object with motion or flight)
-No Firearms or Weapons of any kind
-You can bring flags, just make sure they're smaller than 18"x18"
-No personal cameras larger than 4" x 14" x 8"
-Umbrellas are okay, you just can't open them on match courts

Prohibited Items      
For a complete list of what you can't bring, click here   Bob_Payne_20140815_007_038