Quotable Quotes: On Morning Moods, Fan Love & Nicknames


As the 2018 Western & Southern Open draws to a close, we’ve got some final comments, thoughts and analysis courtesy of the players themselves. Enjoy! 

Roger Federer on playing two matches in one day…
“Actually, for me, it was quite comfortable. It was just odd, you know, sort of packing up again. I actually left my stuff here. So, like, Okay, I quickly go play a match. See you later, kiddies. It was just a bit of a different feel.”

Federer on his first set tiebreak against Stan Wawrinka “kind of getting away from him…”
“A lot. It went away completely (smiling). I was not even there.”

Federer on whether or not he is a “funny guy…”
“I don't know. I think I am a fun guy to be with, yes (smiling). Maybe other guys will say differently. But I'm very positive always, you know. I wake up and I'm never grumpy, to be honest. So, I hope that makes me a pretty good husband and a pretty good person to be around and a good teammate and all that stuff.”

Novak Djokovic on whether the men’s final is “going to be the same as 2015” where Djokovic lost to Federer for the third time in a Cincinnati final…
“Well, I hope it will not be the same final for me (smiling). We haven't played each other for quite some time, which is unusual, because I'm used to playing Roger, over the course of almost 10 years, I have played him so many times. 

Stan Wawrinka on the love he receives from fans…
“ Well, it's great for me, amazing. Especially because I was out for a long period of time. I didn't play last year here. For me, it's great to be back, to play in the grandstand, to have a lot of support to see that they are happy to see me back, trying to push me, to cheer me. Sometimes I use them to get more energy like I did the two first match.”

Aryna Sabalenka on how she planned to recover for her semifinal match…
“ Well, I will have some rest, some physio, recovery, or eat some food. I hope it will be tasty food. It should be (smiling).”

Sabalenka on her coach Dmitry Tursunov…
“He's so fun. He's so fun, and everyone know it. Sometimes it's too much. But I like it (smiling).”

Petra Kvitova on whether her semifinal loss was just a case of “too much tennis…”
“Well, I think all season all just too much tennis for me (smiling).”

Let’s finish with this exchange with Simona Halep:

Q. The tournament guide has nicknames for players that apparently came from the players themselves. For yours, it says "Money," as in cash.
Halep: Money? Why?

Q. I don't know. That's why I was asking. Do you have a nickname that sounds like that?
Halep: Oh, Mony. Now I got it. It's M-o-n-y.

Q. We can't call you Money?
Halep: No.

Q. You're not going to give us money?
Halep: Give you money? I will, but if you give me a reason, I will (smiling).