Quotable Quotes

Sofia Kenin on turning pro after the 2017 US Open:

“It was a tough decision, going to college or professional. I was supposed to go to UM, University of Miami. But then I had a great US Open run, playing Maria in the third round. Who is going to turn down 120 grand?

That made the decision way easier, which was very good. I was really happy with it. My dad said, If you win the first round, you're going to go pro. I was, like, All right. I have got to win the first round.


Maria Sharapova on the pillow she bought at a Cincinnati-area Bed Bath & Beyond:

“Consistency makes a really good pillow. When you go from hotel to hotel or house to hotel, they're all very different and I just end up leaving them. I think Mason, Ohio -- I keep Bed Bath & Beyond in business with the amount of pillows that I buy here.”


Nick Kyrgios on whether or not adversity as a kid made him particularly generous with young fans now:
“I wouldn't say it's down to that. I have always been pretty nice to, I feel, generally to people and to kids. I have been doing kids clinics for Tennis Australia when I was young. I was just brought up like that, to be honest. I don't care if you're a CEO of a company or a janitor. I'm going to speak to you the same way. I think that's what it's about. It's about giving kids belief that they can be in this position one day.”


Quarterfinalist Yoshihito Nishioka on the possibility of becoming a big star in Japan:

“Hopefully many spot on me like today, hopefully (smiling). In Japanese tennis, only famous players is Kei and Naomi. That's all. I know they are very good, for sure. They are making top 10 or No. 1. But, you know, they not going to see other players. So I want to change that. So hopefully they are gonna watch me maybe, like after the match. I want to check tomorrow their morning news what they are going to say (smiling).


Venus Williams on how she felt after beating Donna Vekic to reach the quarterfinals:

I mean, I'm pretty pumped. When you're winning, it's fun. When you're losing, it sucks. I'm happy to be winning (smiling).”


Andy Murray after his comeback singles match (loss to Richard Gasquet):

“When I didn't know whether I was going to be able to come back and play, that was hard. But a few months after I had the [hip] operation in January, that kind of changed, you know, my mentality changed a lot because I wasn't in pain anymore. And I was always worried, what will I do with myself without tennis? But actually once I got rid of the pain, I realized I didn't really, I didn't need tennis, tennis wasn't the most important thing for me.”


Frances Tiafoe on talking all things NBA with Nick Kyrgios:

“That's all we talk about. I don't think we have talked tennis in the last three years. He's a big Boston Celtics fan. Couple years ago when the Celts got us in seven, I mean, he didn't shut up for, like -- man, our relationship was almost done (smiling). Never been that pissed ever. Hopefully we can keep that up. I think it's good for us. So many weeks on tour. Tennis, tennis, tennis. Kind of gets your mind out of something. Something that we're actually truly passionate about.”


Daniil Medvedev on his love of interviews:

Yeah, I like interviews if you don't ask me any inappropriate questions (smiling). I like to talk. I find it kind of funny that I can express myself and hopefully show my personality. I usually try not to lie or fake anything. Maybe I do it sometimes but try not to.”


Naomi Osaka responding to a compliment on “gently tossing” her racket in frustration: 

“Thank you. I have been working on my form (smiling). No, it's like, you know, a bowling ball. You've just got to -- it's all in the arm.


Simona Halep on her travel plans before the US Open:

“Here. I will stay here. I like this place (smiling).”


Roger Federer on whether he ever feels bad about winning:

“Not really. I don't know. Everybody tries their best, you know. You know, in the juniors maybe I felt bad sometimes, you know, just because I did. Don't know why. Afterwards, I guess it's part of the business. You want everybody to do well, and that's why I'm generally happy when somebody does well, because like you said, not everybody can attain, you know, whatever it is, but what you can attain is the best of yourself.”


Svetlana Kuznetsova on whether people ask her for Instagram advice:
“I learn from my friends in Russia because they're great at it. But no. Before players used to say I was the most fun one in locker room. Now I just spend there just showering and leaving, because I'm not really communicative lately. I'm in my world.”


Madison Keys on how she handles losses:

“It depends on the loss. Sometimes I kind of just go and don't really want to talk to people. Other times I kind of immediately want to break down the match and figure out what went wrong and why this happened and all of that. Other times I just want to go lie down and watch Netflix.”