March Monthly Spotlight-Utah Tennis Association

February 29, 2012 04:25 PM
Rick Draney Clinic
The generous USTA National wheelchair tennis grant given to the Utah Wheelchair Tennis community has greatly impacted our success in many ways in 2011.
Besides helping to sustain our weekly programming needs, it has provided the necessary means and funding for expansion and growth. This expansion includes improving participant skill level and outreach programs for beginners in areas outside of Salt Lake City. Competent and consistent coaching is also an integral part of our success as well. The grant has helped us afford clinics, court time and instruction from some of the best teaching pros in our area as well as bringing in nationally recognized players and coaches including former Quad tournament player Rick Draney and USTA National Manager Dan James.

Equipment upkeep and maintenance are vital as well to a successful wheelchair tennis program and the funding has enabled us to purchase additional equipment, balls, nets, teaching baskets for our practices and assist us with various clinics. This is most evident with the development of our Junior WC Tennis program that has been one of our highlights this past year with over 10 juniors participating in one or all of our beginner junior programs. In summary, the grants received are highly valued and used effectively to maintain and grow the sport of wheelchair tennis in Utah.

We greatly appreciate the funding received and all the support that has been provided by the USTA for wheelchair tennis in our district and look forward to another successful year in 2012.