January Spotlight-Turnstone of Fort Wayne, Indiana

Turnstone was awarded $500 in 2010 to provide a wheelchair tennis clinic for 15 participants in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2011.The goal and objective of the clinic was to expand the knowledge of wheelchair tennis for children and adults with physical disabilities. 

Turnstone offered its wheelchair tennis clinic on April 16, 2011.  The 6-hour clinic was held at Turnstone and at Wildwood Racquet Club.  Turnstone utilized 15 volunteers to make the clinic a success and also enlisted the help of Matt Schrader of Wildwood Racquet Club.  Schrader was the 2009 Indiana State Tennis Pro of the Year.  Schrader presented an introduction to wheelchair tennis and ran the clinic participants through a series of drills and exercises to build and teach the participants the techniques of the sport.

While Turnstone did not meet its goal of 15 participants, 11 persons did take part in the clinic.  The clinic generated so much excitement that 4 of the 11 participants traveled to Lafayette, Indiana the following day to participate in a wheelchair tennis clinic.  The clinic received very positive reviews.  All of those who responded to the survey indicated that as a result of the clinic they learned or improved their wheelchair tennis skills and would like to see it offered again in the future.  Half of the survey respondents indicated that they would like to play competitive wheelchair tennis and plan to continue to play the sport.  Most importantly, 100% of the survey respondents indicated that as a result of the clinic they increased their confidence in playing the sport.

By offering the clinic, Turnstone was able to build its wheelchair tennis program.  This past summer 8 of the 11 clinic participants took part in Turnstone’s wheelchair tennis program, while 6 of the 11 competed in the annual wheelchair tennis open held at Indiana-Purdue University. Thank you to the USTA for allowing us the opportunity to grow our wheelchair tennis program participation.