The Western & Southern Open announced today plans to build a new $25 million five-story building, dubbed the “South Building,” with groundbreaking planned immediately following the conclusion of this year’s event.


The structure will replace the current building and will more than double the interior space for fans and amenities. Overall, Center Court seating will increase to 11,750 from 11,467. The project will be complete in time for the next year’s event, planned for August 11-19, 2018.




The new 40,000 square foot, 104-foot-tall structure will be constructed between Center and Grandstand Courts, with different levels offering views of one or both marquee match courts.


The main feature is the split-level 2nd floor hosting a restaurant and bar, which opens up to cascading indoor, air-conditioned box seats, presumed to be the first in professional tennis. The extra-wide, 252 stadium seats sit behind glass and have access to the adjoining restaurant and bar.


The 3rd floor, above the restaurant, holds 396 new outdoor box seats and an interior space with concessions, a bar, gathering areas and restrooms. The 4th floor includes six all-inclusive suites with 126 total seats and a shared space for food and refreshments. The 5th floor offers a state-of-the-art broadcast and production center.


The project was designed by the architecture firm Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf (BDMD), based in Indianapolis. "The building is chock-full of amenities. Every square foot was designed with the intention of bringing the things that fans need -- restrooms, bars, concessions and air conditioning -- to these new areas. We’re especially excited about the climate-controlled box seats, truly an innovation in the sport of professional tennis," remarked BDMD architect Greg Jacoby. Cincinnati-based Shumacher Dugan will manage construction.


Sales for all areas of the South Building will begin at the tournament in a special sales center located in the retail plaza. The tournament will launch today a special website with detailed information and renderings of each floor at