Best Bites from Tuesday


Americans John Isner, Coco Gauff, Sebastian Korda along with three-time Western & Southern Open finalist Simona Halep spoke to the media Tuesday. Here are some of the best quotes from the day:


John Isner on obtaining 13,000 career aces…

“I do know that I’m within shouting distance of Ivo Karlovic and maybe getting that record. We'll see. I also saw he might be retiring. If he does retire soon, (the all-time record) seems attainable. I would like to hold that record. I'm not going to shy away from that. We'll see if I can get there.”


Sebastian Korda on his tennis upbringing with two-time Western & Southern Open quarterfinalist Petr Korda...

“There are a lot of similarities between me and my dad. He had really good timing on his strokes. He'd hit the ball pretty flat and try to stay as close to the baseline as possible and try and dictate. My dad and my mom both taught me to be aggressive, come to the net, and just play tennis a little differently than everybody else is playing, throw in some slices, dropshots, go to the net, serve and volley. I think variety is a really big part of my game, and I'm improving it every day.”


Coco Gauff on the impact of Serena and Venus Williams...

“They mean a lot to me personally because I wouldn't play tennis if it wasn't for either of them. Definitely a .1 percent chance I would have picked up a racquet if they didn't exist. The reason that I believe I can go this far is definitely because of them. They broke so many boundaries, especially for African Americans in tennis, broke so many boundaries for women in tennis. Not even in tennis. In the world. Everyone in the world. Not just tennis, but every athlete and every person in general in the world. You know, if you really look at what they went through and all the things they must have been told and had to go through, it really makes me appreciate them, because I don't have to go through some of those experiences because of what they went through. They definitely paved the way for me, and, for sure, they paved the way for other players as well. Their legacy is something that I think will be reached from generations on and on and when I'm no longer here on the earth. I definitely think their impact will reach way further than my generation.”


Simona Halep on her win after coming back from injury...

“I'm really happy that I could win the match. It's always important to have victories when you come back from an injury. It was a tough injury for me. First time in my life when I had this kind of problem, and I didn't really know how to manage it. But I'm happy to be back. I'm happy to play.”