Best Bites - Quotes from the Western & Southern Open


Olympic gold medalist Alexander Zverev, Cincinnati native Caty McNally and others spoke to the media on the eve of their first round main draw matches. Here are some of the best quotes from the day: 


Caty McNally

“I pretty much grew up here, spent every single day all day on-site and just loved being here. It's awesome to be back here playing now, and it just shows that I dreamed of doing this and I have worked so hard and I'm here. I'm not done yet, but I'm just really proud of myself and grateful to have the opportunity to be playing here in Cincinnati.”


Coco Gauff

“I'm excited to play doubles with (Cincinnati’s Caty McNally) here. Normally we have a lot of support when we play in the U.S., but definitely since she's the favorite here, I'm excited to get that home crowd support. Maybe I can get a little bit of Coco in there, but definitely it will be mostly Caty's screaming in the crowd.”


Belinda Bencic

“To win the Olympic gold medal, it's really like a dream coming true. Of course, I have dreamed about it, but you're not really going to achieve it right away and everything. It was my first Olympics. For me it was very kind of - how you say - not a surprise, but very happy that I kind of reached. Unbelievable almost. Now I feel like really people are always going to ask, ‘What do you do next? What is your goal, to put pressure on everything?’ For me, achieving this, it's already amazing. If I stop my career tomorrow, I can be very happy about everything.”


Alexander Zverev

“Am I still on cloud nine now? Yeah, a little bit. This is obviously a feeling that very few tennis players have ever felt, probably. Winning that medal is the biggest thing that can happen in any sport, because, you know, the Olympics is very special. You're not only competing for yourself, you're competing for a lot of people.”


Jennifer Brady

“Playing in front of fans again, I think it's something that we're all super excited about, definitely looking forward to. It's been really tough going and playing in empty stadiums, just being restricted to just the hotel and the site. It starts to get draining after a while. Seeing there's actually fans in the stands watching, even watching practices out here, it's been awesome. I'm really, really looking forward to that.”