Atlantic 10 Donates to Tennis For Charity

The A10 brought conference tennis championships to the Lindner Family Tennis Center
The Atlantic 10 Conference made recently a $1,000 donation to Tennis for Charity (TFC), to help the organization in its efforts to promote tennis and give charitably in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas. 
The donation comes on the heels of the conference's annual tennis championships, which were held for the first time at the Lindner Family Tennis Center. George Washington University won their second consecutive title, fending off hometown Xavier U in the final on Sunday, April 15, 2012.
Tennis for Charity representative Ken Berry said that the organization was honored by the donation.
TFC owns the 90-acre property in Mason, Ohio, which consists of the Lindner Family Tennis Center and Bruin Golf Course.
TFC’s mission is to "promote the interests of tennis in the Greater Cincinnati community and to conduct charitable events including, without limitation, tennis events, and to develop, promote, operate, improve, and enhance such events and to use the revenue derived from such events for these  purpose and such other charitable purposes to benefit the citizens of the Greater Cincinnati area." 
Each year TFC contributes to the following charities:  Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, U.C. Barrett Cancer Center, and Tennis for City Youth (a program that provides lessons and equipment to children who otherwise could not afford to learn to play the game of tennis).  Since its inception, TFC has contributed a total of $8.73 million to charity.