Around The Grounds: Shopping

Retail Plaza
By Betsy M. Ross
We hope that by now you have had a chance to visit the Lindner Family Tennis Center for world-class tennis action. But you also might want to check out the world-class shopping on the grounds as well.
Along with the expanded ‘mall’ area that greets visitors at the north entrance, is the expanded retail plaza, with 20,000 square feet of vendors with souvenirs, sunglasses, tennis gear and the like. It’s a chance to pick up a nice memento from the tournament or get some new tennis jewelry as well.
If you want to dress like your favorite player, then the Midwest Sports tent next to the food court is the place to spend the afternoon. It’s filled with the clothing that you’ve seen the players wear, plus the official Western & Southern Open gear, from hoodies to polo shirts to caps and visors. For the serious shopper, check out the tennis shoes in the Midwest Sports tent as well to make sure you’re ready for your next match.
And here’s a shopping tip: If you see something that you really like that you’ve seen one of the players wear, grab it early: The most popular styles and sizes go fast, so make sure that when you see it, buy it. It might not be there in your size when you come back!