Around the Grounds: It's All On Your Phone
By Betsy M. Ross
It’s another all-star afternoon at the Western & Southern Open, where the action on the court is as hot as the August weather with Novak Djokovic, Caroline Wozniacki and the Bryan brothers highlighting late action. The Lindner Family Tennis Center is all set to keep you cool and comfortable as you enjoy our world class tennis!
When you arrive at the Lindner Family Tennis Center, you are allowed to bring in one unopened plastic bottle of water, or an empty water container up to one liter. Several water fountains are located around the center-they’re indicated on the site map on the website. 
The enhanced and enlarged food court area has many more tables with umbrellas this year to keep you in the shade while you enjoy the more than a dozen food offerings in the court this year. Also, misters are stationed around that area, near the Corona Beach House, to cool you off with a chilling blast.
Want to duck inside for a break? Then stop by the Tennis Museum near the West Entrance to the Tennis Center. It’s free and fascinating as you look at some of the collectables from tennis matches past, and see how the game has evolved over the decades. You’ll appreciate today’s athletes and past champions even more as you study the history of the game.
Hard to remember all these details? Don’t worry, they’re right at your fingertips on your smartphone. Just download to your phone and you’ll have all the information on schedules, practice times, venue maps and everything else you’ll need to make your visit to the Western & Southern Open an enjoyable one. And remember, it promises to be cooler this weekend!