Around The Grounds: Champions Garden

The Champions Garden
By Betsy M. Ross
Veteran attendees to the Western & Southern Open have noticed the changes over the last three years to the Lindner Family Tennis Center. One item that has moved from its usual place near Center Court is the plaques marking the past champions of this event.
The Champions Garden is now right by the north entrance to the Lindner Family Tennis Center, between courts 6 and 7. There you will be able to learn more about the long history of the event. Do you know that this tournament, in one form or another, has been around since 1899? Photos and plaques tell the history of this event throughout the years and throughout its venues.
For example, the Cincinnati tournament has had several names since its beginning more than a century ago, including Cincinnati Open, Tri-State Tennis Championship, Western Tennis Championship, the ATP and Tennis Masters Series. For a short time, when it became a combined men’s and women’s event it was the Western & Southern Masters and Women’s Open! It’s all chronicled in the Champions Garden. Make sure you take a tour of the history of the W&S while you’re here.