Quotable Quotes: On Shopping Trips, Maturity and Dreams


As play has marched on in Cincinnati, players have continued to spill their innermost secrets in the press room (or something like that). Here are some of our favorite quotes, beginning with this philosophical exchange with Novak Djokovic. 

Q. Great to see smiles again. We all ride that roller coaster of life.
Novak Djokovic: Yes.
Q. Down and back on the upswing?
Novak Djokovic: Like Kings Island.

Djokovic on the fact that he’s a five-time Western & Southern Open finalist…
“I think it adds more to the motivation rather than pressure. I really want to win this tournament, and I have been trying. I'm still in the tournament this year, and hopefully I can get a shot at the title.”

Robin Haase on returning Sascha Zverev’s 136-mph serve…
“I don't think he was impressed (smiling). He's not that quickly impressed.”

Haase on using breathing techniques to control his emotions on court…
“Sometimes you break a racquet. Sometimes you scream. Sometimes you talk to yourself. Sometimes you breathe. Sometimes -- I can imagine 20 other things. Today I tried to stay calm because I was not calm at all, and I was talking, and the way to stop me today is to breathe so you don't have the opportunity to talk.”

Angelique Kerber on looking forward in the draw to her third round and quarterfinal matches…
“That's too far away for me.”

Garbine Muguruza on the first thing she’s going to do when she gets to New York for the US Open…
“Probably, I don't know, go to Saks Fifth Avenue or something like that (smiling). One of these things, gigantic malls. Or just go to the Central Park, and right in front of the Central Park, maybe just go for a walk. It's very nice there.”

Denis Shapovalov on inviting a ball boy to sit next to him courtside during a rain delay…
“It was just -- I saw him standing in the rain, so I was, like, why not just sit down and have a chat? It's going to start raining, anyways. I was one of these kids not too long ago, so I know what it means to have a player you're looking up to or any player really just be so nice to you.”

Madison Keys on what has helped her stay calm and keep a positive attitude on the court…
“I think I'm just really mature now (smiling). I can't even say it with a straight face.”

Petra Kvitova on whether or not she’s dreamed of winning any other tournaments like she dreamed of winning Wimbledon… 
“Unfortunately, no (smiling). I wish, but no, I didn't. Actually, I don't really have dreams about the tennis anymore. Probably I'm on the tour many years already, so, yeah.”