For 3.5 Seniors, Tennis is in the Bag

October 8, 2010 07:33 PM
By J. Fred Sidhu

Indian Wells, Calif. – What do all players at the 2010 USTA League 3.5 Senior National Championships have in common besides being USTA Sectional Champions?

If you haven’t figured it out by now, they all have a tennis bag.

As you stroll around the Indian Wells Tennis Garden, you can virtually see hundreds of different kinds of tennis bags. 

Some are new, others are old. There are big tennis bags and small tennis bags. Some are colorful, while others are black and white. Some bags have several shoulder straps, while other have only one. Some have none. Other bags even have wheels.

To every tennis player, the bag is important. The tennis bag is like a player's signature. It shows the players’ style. It’s a place to store racquets, towels, grips, new strings, a bottle of water and maybe even a banana.

One thing is for certain at this weekend’s USTA Nationals, tennis is in the bag.