The Lindner Family Tennis Center offers a number of different places for you to take a break and enjoy a cold drink with your family and friends.
Kim Crawford Wine Garden – Wind down in the Wine Garden where you can try the very best from the vineyard of Kim Crawford surrounded by award-winning landscaping by LaMond Design.
Michelob Ultra Legends Bar - Located in the heart of the food court, the Michelob Ultra Legends Bar will feature classic Michelob Ultra, Stella Artois, and Shock Top just to name a few. 
Moet Champagne Bar – Take time to treat yourself to the luxurious taste of Moet, the official Champagne of the Western & Southern Open.
Northside Distillery Co. - New to the tournament this year, the Northside Distillery is located in-between the Racquet Club and Rhinegeist Brew Balcony, and will offer an exciting destination to stop, relax, and enjoy their famous bourbon.
BLOX Spiked Ice - Elevate your drink experience with these one-of-a-kind alcohol and fruit infused ice cubes that will be the perfect addition to any hard seltzer, beer, or cocktail.
Rhinegeist Brew Balcony - Located in southeast overlook on the Mezzanine level of Center Court, Rhinegeist will be serving their local brews.
Svedka Bar - Check out the new Svedka Bar located near the First Aid Center. Make sure you try the Svedka Smash!
White Claw - Located near the retail plaza next to the Match Point Videoboard, White Claw, offers an array of refreshing hard seltzers.
All are open to the public and most offer shady areas to take a break from the on-court action.