Family Ties Teams Together at 18U Jr. Team Tennis Nationals

October 30, 2010 06:47 PM
Surprise has become the city of brotherly (and sisterly) love for tournament weekend.
Tennis is a sport enjoyed by families everywhere and that is clearly evident this weekend. Eleven teams attending the 18U Junior Team Tennis National Championships have siblings competing alongside one another including:

•    Southern California (San Diego Super Chargers) – Nicolette & Desiree Tran
•    New England (BTA Cool Runnings) – twins Anthony & Frank Delpizzo
•    Mid-Atlantic (The Nets) – Mashal & Matine Temory
•    Middle States (No Passing Zone) – Eric & Michelle Perez
•    Southwest (NM Lobos) – Sarianna & Susanna Kuuttila
•    Missouri Valley (Buccamuffins) – twins Elizabeth & Katherine Ternent, Gabe & Jamie Shrank
•    Northern (Fridley) – Isaiah & M.C. Mayerchak
•    Northern – Noah & Lacey Sprinkel

•    Midwest (Nakoma Black) – Patrick and Marigrace Carney
•    Caribbean (Hilton Juniors) – Ashley and Jaime Flores
•    Pacific Northwest – twins Kimberly & Scott, sister Katie Willis

"It’s different playing with your sibling because if you’re playing alone you have to become better by yourself, but playing with my sister helps us both to improve our game," said Matine Temory talking about the relationship he has with his older sister and mixed doubles partner Mashal.  "There’s a little bit of pressure because you always want to keep up with your sibling and not fall behind," added Mashal.

 "Being on the same team has definitely helped to grow the relationship I have with my brother," said Jamie Shrank of his brother Gabe.

The brothers and sisters here have said the time spent on the court together has not only helped their relationships as siblings, but also advance their games as well.

"We play doubles together for Junior Team Tennis and our high school team, so we see each other a lot," says Katherine Ternent speaking about the relationship she has with her twin sister Elizabeth. "We’re never afraid to tell each other how we feel about something and we know we’ll never let each other down because of that."

"It’s great being able to play with Ashley," said Jamie Flores of Hilton Juniors from the Caribbean section. "Tennis allows us to spend a lot of time together doing something we both love."