Getting Here

So you have your tickets, now it’s time to get ready for your visit!

Here are some important points to prepare for a smooth stay

Need a place to stay?


We have exclusive rates with local hotels to ensure that you get the best deal. We even have hotels with shuttle service to make getting to the tournament even easier. Click here for the full list and information on how to book.

What to bring (and what not to bring)


Feel free to bring a tote bag or purse to store your player autographs, cell phone with the WSOpen Now! App, and other tournament essentials. Remember to leave your big family backpack at home because you will not be permitted to enter with it once you reach the gates.


Hydration is important in the hot August sun, so you are welcome to bring your own bottled water. But please remove the labels (unless it is Evian or Dasani) in accordance with our sponsor exclusivity agreement. Outside food is also not permitted, but take a look at our food court lineup and you’ll see that we have options for even the pickiest of eaters.


Want to snap great pictures? Go right ahead! But please use the original selfie stick (your arms) in order to not obstruct other guests’ views. Or, ask your neighbor to take your group shot for you, our guests are very friendly!

Afraid of some wet weather? Bring ponchos and umbrellas to keep dry, but remember that umbrellas are not permitted to be open on match courts.

Click here for the full bag policy and the complete list of prohibited items.

You’ve packed your bag, now it’s time to go!

If your tickets came with a parking pass or multiple passes, make sure you have the correct one for that day and session. Hang it from your rearview mirror before you get to the parking areas to ensure that you will be directed to correct lot.

Don’t have a parking pass? No problem! You will be directed to the free public parking lots (don’t forget to use the find my car feature on the WSOpen Now! App so you will be able to find your car when you are ready to leave).

Breeze through the metal detectors

Open your tote bag or purse in preparation for a bag inspection. There will also be a metal detector so don’t wear your favorite studded belt and remember to empty your pockets for smooth sailing.

You made it!

Once you’re inside the gates check out the schedule on the WSOpen Now! App for matches, practice sessions, player autographs, and much more! Explore the retail plaza, food court, and all that our 16 court facility has to offer!