Donation Requests

The Western & Southern Open greatly appreciates your interest in our tournament! We would be happy to assess your donation request and provide tickets to your organization or charity.
We ask that you read the following guidelines and complete the request form by tapping the button below so we can best evaluate your donation request. Please submit your donation request by March 31, 2023. Any submissions made after the March 31 deadline will not be fulfilled.


  • Donation requests must be made by completing the donation request form found below. Any donation requests that are emailed and have not gone through the process of submitting our request form will not be evaluated.
  • Requests must be submitted to the Western & Southern Open four weeks before the organization’s event to be considered for a donation. 
  • Organizations and charities are limited to one donation request per tournament year. 
  • No sales incentives will be provided by the Western & Southern Open.
  • The requestor must upload a flyer or documentation of the event to the form provided on this page.
  • Should the donation request be approved, the requestor will be the one responsible for the tickets, which will be accessed under the requestor’s email once tickets are activated.
    • A follow-up email will be sent to the requestor to inform them that their donation has been approved, and how to access, manage, and transfer tickets to another recipient.
  • Upon the completion of the event, we ask that the requestor provide the tournament with an update on the amount of money raised at the event, if applicable.
We appreciate your patience during our review process of your donation request and will follow up with an email as soon as possible to let you know if your request has been approved or not.  Should you have any questions in the meantime, please contact or our Ticket Operations Manager, Ryan Henderson, at