City of Trenton and local non-profit build largest youth tennis facility in the country

September 15, 2010 11:18 AM
TRENTON—Mayor Tony Mack and the National Junior Tennis & Learning of Trenton announced a plan to renew
recreational opportunities for youth. The coalition, led by the City of Trenton and the National Junior Tennis &
Learning of Trenton (NJTLT), included: the United States Tennis Association; Friends of Cadwalader Park Tennis;
Co-Chairs Albert Stark and Dave Haggerty; D&R Greenway; private individuals; and local businesses.
"The country’s largest junior tennis facility will have a tremendous impact on the lives of Trenton’s youth.
The success of this announcement sits on community groups like National Junior Tennis & Learning of Trenton who
gathered private individuals and local businesses to fund a substantial amount of the project. It is my goal to see
similar projects spring forth to serve the youth of Trenton," stated Mayor Mack.
The City’s contribution includes $100,000 which remained in the Capital Budget for three years toward Phase I,
which includes refurbishing the existing six hard courts and $400,000 in unspent Community Development Block
Grants funding toward Phase II. The second phase will rehabilitate the existing six clay courts into 14 quick start
courts, a stadium court and Junior Champions Learning Pagoda. The design and engineering of the courts totaling
over $50,000 was donated by the USTA, while community leader John Hatch will donate the design of the Pagoda.
"This is a fantastic opportunity for youth in the City of Trenton. NJTLT now touches the lives of over 2,500
children- imagine what we could do with a revitalized Cadwalader Park Tennis facility. Once complete, it will
enable us to provide more children and families the chance to play this wonderful sport and benefit from our
nutrition, education, tennis and employment opportunities.
Without the leadership of Albert Stark, Dave Haggerty and NJTLT President Amy Smith and the support of the
City, private individuals, D&R Greenway and local businesses we would not be able to have the impact on
Trenton’s youth and their future," Executive Director Dan Faber stated.
Although only three out of the 12 remaining courts are playable, they buzz with youth participating in NJTLT’s
numerous year round programs. In its heyday, 18 tennis courts stood in Cadwalader Park, and it was the place to
play tennis in Mercer County for at least 50 years. The first Trenton City Men’s Tennis champion was crowned in
1920. Through the late 1960’s icons such as Arthur Ashe, Herb Fitzgibbon and Bobby Riggs played exhibitions
here, and the courts were filled from dusk till dawn.
Since its inception in 1975, the Trenton chapter of the National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL) formerly the
National Junior Tennis League of Trenton has grown substantially. NJTLT now reaches over 2,500 youth from
broad socio-economic and cultural backgrounds and emphasizes the ideals and life of Arthur Ashe by providing
opportunities through nutrition, education and tennis.
For sponsorship, naming or other opportunities to get involved, contact NJTLT Development Coordinator Rob
Howland at 609-341-1698, or visit NJTLT online