Bids to host 2012 Adult/Senior National Championships

The Adult/Senior Competition Committee is accepting bids to host 2012 Adult/Senior National Championships.
The bidding process is now open to all USTA Organization Members. No longer will the current sanction holders be given first opportunity to apply or priority given to the current host section. All bids must comply with the 2011 Friend at Court Sanction regulations. The deadline for 2012 applications is July 1, 2011.
All applications received by the USTA National office will be sent to the section office for section approval unless a competing bid from a section is received. The Adult/Senior Competition Committee shall then approve or disapprove all applicants from that section for that tournament.
Notice to competing applicants of their right to appear before the Adult/Senior Competition Committee will be sent. Competing bids may require additional information in order to consider the competing applications.
If approved, applicants will need to complete and return a tournament contract in addition to completing the TennisLink online sanction form and paying the online sanction fee payment of $103.00 ($100. sanction fee plus $3.00 processing fee).
If approved, applicants will need to follow the tournament home page checklist:
To see the current schedule:
To submit a bid: