An Introduction to Remember

Mentoring USA
Friday, January 21st was an unforgettable day for one participant of Chicago, IL based Mentoring USA. Deneen Beatrice Borner, a mentee, introduced First Lady Michelle Obama at the National Mentoring Summit held at the Library of Congress. Borner acknowledged the important role mentoring has and will play in her development, commenting, "Even as a freshman, I completely understand that I need mentoring programs in my life to help me stay on the right track."  
Borner’s introduction was well received and prompted the First Lady to reply, "And that's what the South Side of Chicago produces. Well done. Thank you, Deneen, for that outstanding introduction."  
Mentoring USA is just one of the many programs that has received funding from USTA Serves - $45,000 over the last 3 years. With this funding their goal is to use tennis as a catalyst to address the lifestyle issues faced by students in underserved communities.