A First For Northern Section Tennis Sisters

October 16, 2010 08:01 PM
Sisters Debby Day, Maggie Winchell and Amy Cass are all members of the Northern 4.5 Senior team at Nationals.
Sisters Debby Day, Maggie Winchell and Amy Cass
By J. Fred Sidhu

Indian Wells, Calif. – They began playing tennis when they were youngsters growing up in Dubuque, Iowa and they all played collegiate tennis for the University of Iowa.

However, for three sisters who now reside in Minnesota, the 2010 USTA League 4.5 Senior National Championships marks the first time they have played together on a team in a USTA National Championship.

The three sisters, Debby Day and Maggie Winchell of Minneapolis, along with Amy Cass of Rochester play for the USTA Northern Section 4.5 women’s senior team based in the Garden Valley Country Club in Minneapolis, Minn.

"It’s just great being here with my sisters," Day said. "We play a lot together during the year, but it’s a different experience coming here and playing together. It’s wonderful."

In the past, two of the three sisters have played together on teams that have advanced to the USTA League Nationals.

"Debby and Amy have been to Nationals together multiple times, but this is the first time I’ve been on the team with them," said Winchell. "That’s an exciting experience. Our whole team is fun. We’re competitive, but not to the point where we lose sight of why we play tennis, which is to enjoy the sport and the people we meet in the process."

Even though the three sisters had never played on the same team until now, Winchell did accompany Day and Cass to a USTA National Championship in a supporting role three years ago.

"We’re very competitive sisters. We play against one another and with one another throughout the year," Cass said. "I live a little bit further away, so it’s really a treat for me to be able to travel with them."

Cass says one the best things about playing in a USTA National Championship is meeting other people.

"We always enjoy the party that the USTA puts on," Cass said. "To me, that is one of the most fun parts, meeting the people that you play against."