Parking FAQs

Q – I’m coming to the tournament. What should I do?

A – There are a few things to consider when planning your trip. First, leave earlier than you normally would to allow extra time for the parking process. Secondly, consider parking at one of the satellite locations listed here (LINK), then riding the free shuttle to the tournament. Alternatively, you can still use our lots, but please know that while we are working very hard to improve the condition of the on-site parking lots, they are not in their usual condition.

Q – What’s wrong with the lots on site?

A- The six-plus inches of rain that have fallen at the tennis center since Saturday have left parts of the golf course unusable for a variety of reasons, but mainly because the grass surface has given way to mud, and, in some cases, deep trenches. We are treating those areas with additional covering material, but some areas simply need to dry out.

Q – Why do we park on grass?

A – The neighboring golf course has been used for years as our primary parking location. While occasional summer rain has impacted our parking from time to time, this amount of rainfall and the difficulty it has caused our parking plan is unprecedented.

Q – Where are these satellite lots?

A – Up to the minute information about what lots are available for a given session will be found on our parking page.

Q – What do I do when I get to a satellite lot?

A – Park and lock your car, then head to the designated pick up location.

Q – How long will I have to wait for a shuttle?

A – That will vary based on how much traffic there is around the tennis center. Earlier arrivals are finding shorter wait times.

Q – How long is the ride form the lot to the tennis center?

A – The ride should take around 10-15 minutes, but traffic can increase that. The best bet is to arrive early when traffic is lightest.

Q – How early can I arrive for a shuttle?

A – Shuttles begin running two hours before the designated session start time.

Q – Where will the shuttle drop me off?

A – Shuttles will drop passengers at the South and North Gates at the Lindner Family Tennis Center. The North Gate is where the ticket office is located. Head to the north gate for ticket sales and Will Call

Q – Where do I meet the shuttles to return to my car?

A – At the same location you were dropped off, either the North or South Gate.

Q – How late do the shuttles run at night?

A – The shuttles will run for approximately 30 minutes after the last point is played, but will continue to run until all fans have left the venue.

Q – Are there any other options?

A – You could take parking out of the equation and use a taxi, Uber or Lyft service to get to the tennis center. If you use this option, please instruct the driver to enter the tennis center from the North, off Kings Mills Road.

Q – What do I do if I parked in a lot on-site and my car is now stuck in mud?

A – Please find a parking lot attendant and alert them to your situation. They will help arrange assistance. Or please dial 513.651.0303 for help.