2011 Freebody Cup Evening Recap - 3rd Round

June 23, 2011 09:22 AM
The Green Lobsters Keep on Pinching!
The Green Lobsters take a 3-0 winning streak into the mid-season with a convincing win over the gallant Office Space (32-24) last night. The pairing of Jeff Waters and Katrina Adams has proven awesome.
Finally, there was some joy for the Joy of Sets team with a win over Talk to the Backhand (29-26).
Captain K was delirious over his Net Legends spanking of the Zens (34-26). He was equally as ecstatic about his latest pick Chandra Capozzi, who definitely is a keeper. His 18th round pick Nicole Scarangella is no slouch either as it turns out.
Inclement weather caused the matches to go inside for the first time this season. Let’s hope this is not a trend.
Was it because we were cooped-up inside that we had two mega melt downs – one from Sheila McCarthy and one from Wayel Awad.  It all made for a good “Fine” night. There were lots of profanities and body shots.
The league matches will be carried live on the ABCess channel and WEIRD-OO radio.
Green Lobsters (32) defeated Office Space (24)
A  Katrina Adams/Jeff Waters (GL) def. Karen Ford/Whitney Kraft (OS)
        Score: 5-3; 4-0
B  Tyler Kupper/Jon Thompson (GL) def. Jeff Zonenshine/Deborah Larkin (OS)
        Score: 4-1; 4-1
C  Hal Schweitzer/Elizabeth Diaz (OS) def. Ward Meehan, III/Danny Trinidad (GL)
        Score: 5-3; 4-1
D  Joanne Schmitt/Lisa Cassells (OS) def. Carlos Lakomy/Mike Floyd (GL)
        Score: 4-2; 4-2
E  Eugene McLeer/David Novich (GL) def. Mylene Montinola/Nellie Nevarez (OS)
        Score: 4-0; 4-2
Joy of Sets (29) defeated Talk to the Backhand (26)
A  Jeremy Fehrs/Kurt Kamperman (TTTB) def. Jenny Schnitzer/Jason Brown (JOS)
        Score: 4-2; 5-4 (7/5)
B  Paul White/Suresh Ponnusamy (TTTB) def. Ingrid Chen/China Fanning (JOS)
        Score: 4-0; 4-0
C  Joy of Sets (8) def. Talk to the Backhand (0)
        Score: TTTB defaulted
D  Pete Rendich/Renee Marques (JOS) def. Wayel Awad/Jeanmarie Daly (TTTB)
        Score: 4-1; 1-4; 3rd set tiebreak 7-4
E  Jason Clarke/Bobby Pelis (JOS) def. Wayel Awad/Lincoln Maniram (TTTB)
        Score: 5-4 (7/1); 4-0

Net Legends (34) defeated Zen and Under (26)
A  Justin Street/Nicole Scarangella (NL) def. Peter Dopkin/Meghan Carroll (ZAU)
        Score: 4-2; 4-0
B  Chandra Capozzi/Tara Osterhoudt (NL) def. Dave Dellinger/Sheila McCarthy (ZAU)
        Score: 5-4 (7/2); 4-0
C  Karen Pacent/Julio Echavarria (ZAU) def. Joe Healy/Terri Arnold-McKenzie (NL)
        Score: 4-2; 4-1
D  Phil Green/Glenn Todd (ZAU) def. Jorge Garcia/Kelly Goodhart (NL)
        Score: 4-2; 5-4 (11/9)
E  Kaitlin Casey/Kwame Afriyie (NL) def. Alice Emmer/Ivonne Quintero (ZAU)
        Score: 4-0; 4-2
Official Standings – Week 3, June 22nd
  Team Matches Games
    W-L W-L
1st Green Lobster 3-0 102-63
2nd Net Legends 2-1 97-84
3rd Office Space 1-2 90-83
4th Zen and Under 1-2 84-81
5th Talk to the Backhand 1-2 78-100
6th Joy of Sets 1-2 69-102
Next Matches Scheduled at the Harrison High School
4th Round – Wednesday, June 29
5:30 p.m. Talk to the Backhand vs. Office Space
5:30 p.m. Green Lobsters vs. Zen and Under
6:15 p.m. Net Legends vs. Joy of Sets

Blinky’s Best Bets (Favorite in bold)
Last week Blinky gambled that Office Space, Net Legends and Joy of Sets could handle the opposition. The Office Space miscalculation proved costly, so trying to make up some Franklins, Blinky picks:
Office Space over Talk to the Backhand by 3 games
Green Lobsters over Zen and Under by 2 games
Joy of Sets over Net Legends by 2 games 
Wagga Wagga Weather Watch for Wednesday, June 29, 2011
The cracker jack meteorologists are predicting – 83 degrees with isolated t-storms.
Match of the Day
Pete Rendich/Renee Marques (JOS) def. Wayel Awad/Jeanmarie Daly (TTTB)
    Score: 4-1; 1-4; 3rd set tiebreak 7-4
Pete Rendich and Renee Marques won many points with delicate drop shots and imperious passing shots and seemed almost unstoppable. However, Wayel Awad and Jeanmarie Daly stormed right back to win the second set.  All four played shots of blinding speed and of the richest blend.  Rendich and Marques finally prevailed in the tiebreaker 7-4. The crowd had shouted themselves hoarse by the end of the match.

Quote of the Day
“I don’t think I wore a sign that said hit me.”
      Tara Osterhoudt on being hit three times by Dave Dellinger.

On this day in 2003
Quote of the Day: “Where are all the naked players?” – Mark Preston
Mark, in his irrepressible way, was referring to the most infamous and fun day in Freebody Cup history. Cuppers were advised to go to freebody.com not freebodycup.com. The former turned out to be a porn site. Shreeks and belly laughs were heard throughout the building. This made for much delight and shock value to the evening recap of that day in 2003. Please note that the porn site (freebody.com) has been blocked to USTA staffers. Meanwhile, the Marxketeers took a commanding 3-0 lead at the end of the 3rd Round.

Fines - 3rd Round
Fashion Fines:    
Lisa Cassells 1 Matching outfit
Ingrid Chen 1 Matching outfit with China Fanning
China Fanning 1 Matching outfit with Ingrid Chen
Peter Dopkin 1 Karate Kid headband
Chandra Capozzi 1 Matching outfit
Racquet Abuse:    
Wayel Awad 1 Trying to knock down the backdrop
Racquet Toss:    
Sheila McCarthy 3 Broke the FC record on her third try - 79' 11"
Errant Serve:    
Justin Street 1 Just a bit outside...the court
Brute Force:    
Dave Dellinger 3 Three hard body shots, starting with Tara's ankle
Peter Dopkin 1 Spiked the ball into the court, bounced over the side net and smacked Lincoln on the head 
Ingrid Chen 3 The 'F' bomb no less 
Wayel Awad 3 Bobby Pelis driving him crazy 
Mylene Montinola
Not having a good day
Note:  All fines must be paid in fluid currency – domestic or imported beer preferred.  The fines will be assessed after the last match of the regular season.  There will be no appeals or grievances.

Disabled List
Gordon Smith – Broken wrist (thanks to Killer Joe Ceriello); out for season
Fred Allemann – Pre-season shoulder surgery; out for season
Joe Ceriello – Jammed fingers; week to week

Public Eye
Katrina Adams teaming up again with Jeff Waters before jetting off to London.
Fahionista Ward Meehan, III, heard explaining to the crowd that Peter Dopkin’s weird headband is in fact all the rage in menswear, and is called a Fly Head Tie (or is it a Flyhead Tie?).