2010 Year in Review: 10 and Under Tennis

November 23, 2010 02:43 PM
10 and Under Tennis continued to revolutionize the way the sport is introduced and taught to youngsters in the United States in 2010, growing and expanding as it moved into more markets with more pros and more facilities adopting its smaller courts, shorter and lighter racquets, and lower-bouncing and slower-moving balls. Driving the progress was a rule change approved by both the USTA and the International Tennis Federation mandating that all sanctioned 10-and-under tournaments be required to utilize the tenets of 10 and Under Tennis starting January 1, 2012.
10 and Under Tennis was also a hit on some of the grandest stages in sport and society in 2010. There was a 10 and Under Tennis demonstration held at the White House as part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s "Let’s Move!" initiative, as well as demonstrations featuring experienced 10 and Under Tennis players at the 2010 US Open and the 2010 Fed Cup Final. There was even a 36-foot court constructed in Times Square to launch ticket sales for this year’s Open.
And more good things lie ahead. 10 and Under Tennis will move into more markets in 2011 with the hopes that additional 36- and 60-foot courts will be built at facilities around the country, as well as an increased number of QuickStart Tennis Workshops designed to provide anyone who has a passion for the game the tools to teach and facilitate play for the next generation of American tennis champions.