2010 Wheelchair Tennis Grassroots Grants

October 12, 2010 11:01 AM
2010 USTA Grassroots Grant Program Recipient
2010 USTA Grassroots Grant Program Recipient
2009 USTA Grassroots Grant Program Recipient
One of the ways the United States Tennis Association Incorporated ("USTA") continues to succeed is through awarding grants to organizations that promote and develop the growth of wheelchair tennis and use the sport of tennis to build stronger, healthier communities.

This grant is designed to target wheelchair programs that are growing wheelchair tennis in their local areas.

The amount of each wheelchair grant will be based on each program's existing budget and the future
programmatic needs of the organization.

The USTA supports wheelchair programs that meet the USTA’s grant initiatives, including:

• Coaching
• Court time
• Equipment
• Recruitment
• Events (i.e. Run/Rolls, tournaments, camps)

Click here to download the grant application

Grant Timeline:
1. Grant Application released-October 12, 2010
2. Grant Application due via email, regular mail, or fax (wheelchairinfo@usta.com or 914-696-2011) by 11:59 pm EST December 2, 2010 (Grant Acceptance Closed for 2010)
3. Grant recipients will be announced no later than December 16, 2010

Please email wheelchairinfo@usta.com with any questions.