Match Point: Your Tennis Bucket List


By: Leah Zipperstein / Cincinnati Refined

Teaser: In just over 24 hours, it'll all be over. And no, it wasn't a dream. But you will still wake up from the experience wishing you could go back to center court or hang by the bar with your newfound friends. The summer has already gone by fast. This week of tennis even faster. So, to savor the last bits of yellow fuzz that you can, here's our bucket list of items you need to complete before the 2014 Western & Southern Open is in the books.


You've either been bopping between the Svedka Vodka Lounge and the Michelob Ultra Legends Bar, or you've become a creature of habit and found the one bartender who pours your drinks just how you like them. That's great. Congrats. But have you had a glass of champers yet? Sure, it's pricey. Eighten bucks a pop is not monolopy money, but YOLO. 

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