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Dayton International Airport Stage

Saturday, August 13th

Time Entertainment
9:00 AM Dan Marshall
11:00 AM Wild Mountain Berries
1:00 PM Children's Theatre

Sunday, August 14th

Time Entertainment
9:00 AM Shaun Henry
11:00 AM Mohenjo Daro
5:00 PM John Ford

Monday, August 15th

Time Entertainment
10:00 AM Shiny Old Spoon
1:00 PM Tennis Talk
4:00 PM Witness Protection
6:00 PM Misty & Jeff Perholtz

Tuesday, August 16th

Time Entertainment
10:00 AM Marmalade Brigade
11:30 AM Marmalade Brigade
5:00 PM Daniel Wayne
8:45 PM 90's Preservation Society

Wednesday, August 17th

Time Entertainment
10:00 AM Chris Cusentino
11:30 AM Jazzopolis
5:00 PM Lagniappe
7:15 PM Green Light Morning

Thursday, August 18th

Time Entertainment
10:00 AM Hu-Town Holler
11:30 AM Hu-Town Holler
5:00 PM Greg Shaber Trio
8:45 PM Jared Schadle & Compound Fractures


Friday, August 19th

Time Entertainment
10:00 AM Diedrich Jones
11:30 AM

The Pessimistics

2:00 PM Old Green Eyes
5:00 PM Jess Lamb
7:30 PM Young Heirlooms

Saturday, August 20th

Time Entertainment
10:00 AM Jake Evans
11:00 AM Boutique
5:00 PM Sunburners

Sunday, August 21st

Time Entertainment
11:30 AM Highway Radio


Wine Garden - 5-6 PM

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Entertainment Misty & Jeff Perholtz Kyle English Floyd Blackburn Colin Shoff Nick Baker Jordan Schneider