LISTEN at the W&S Open


Last year's music lineup is posted below. The 2016 lineup will be finalized and posted Spring/Summer 2016.


Check out the 2015 Music Entertainers!

Diedrich Jones

Young Heirlooms

Shaun Henry

Part-time Gentlemen

Burning Caravan

Josh Eagle and the Harvest

Greg Morris

Erin Locke & the Tumblers

Witness Protection

Eden Park

Shiny Old Soul

Jess Lamb

Daniel Wayne and the Silver Lines

Mike McIntire

Cosmo's Moon

Old Green Eyes


Chris Goins

Hu-Town Holler

Greg Schaber Trio


Chris Cusentino

G. Burton Story

Queen City Silver Stars

Shivering Timbers

Andy Hopkins

Elk Creek

The Sunburners

DJ Kenneth Wright

Jared Schaedle and the Compound Fractures

The Newbees

Floyd Blackburn

Kyle English

Sean Riley

Colin Shoff

Jordan Scheider


Check out the full schedule here