BOX SEATS - The best in the house

From the front row courtside seats to the coveted end-court shaded view, Box Seats are the best way to catch all the action.

Box Seats range from $950 to $2500 per ticket for the entire event, in groups of 4 or 6 seats only, and they are only sold on a full series, weeklong basis.

Box Seats are not available for single sessions.

Your benefits as a Box Seat holder:
*  Name recognition on box
*  Premium parking
*  Access to the Racquet Club;
   Option to purchase Championship
   Club/Loft membership
*  Special event access, off-season gifts




Serious inquiries please contact:

046Racquet Club: Private dining club for box seat holders only






Understanding Box Seat locations

Court Level Boxes (yellow) are located on the east and west sides and get you to the lowest level of the stadium.
The North Terrace Boxes (blue) offer a great view with shading and a private bar on the top landing.
The South Broadcast Boxes (purple) are situated in front of the TV broadcast booths and give you the same view as the announcers while also offering ample shade.  

Open a detailed map of box seating areas.