Bob & Mike Bryan

THE MODERATOR: They have a flight to catch, so we should do it as quick as possible. Questions for Mike and Bob.

Q. What do you guys think of the super breaker format in the third?

MIKE BRYAN: Yeah, initially a few years ago when they implemented the super breaker we were a little apprehensive because we thought it would be a crap shoot and it would bring luck into play and we were already No. 1. But it's all been a positive. The fans are really into it and it makes for exciting tennis, as you could see there. Yeah, the players like it. The best teams are still winning. For us, we're off the court and usually an hour and it's saving our body and we're able to play more tournaments.



Q. How do you approach it mentally? Is it almost like a relief to know that it's this little to get there, or...

BOB BRYAN: When you're having a bad day and you're down a set and a break, you know, you're potentially only twenty minutes away from winning. So you don't have to climb the mountain as much. You just have to put in a good spurt of good tennis, and that's kind of when we did at the end. We played a good end of the second and then a good super breaker. It was twenty minutes of good tennis for us and we're off the court with the trophy. It's gone the other way many timings this year unfortunately. We've lost a lot of heartbreakers. But like Mike said, it's saving our bodies so we'll have longer careers. It's exciting for the fans. As you could see, no one is booing anymore when they announce that. It's caught on, and all the players are positive. No one is second guessing the decision to go.

Q. Does this win do anything for you guys, propelling you into the Olympics?

MIKE BRYAN: Yeah, it's a huge confidence boost. It's our first title in a few months. In this tournament I think we played extremely well. Last week we lost in the finals, which was a positive also. So we're going into the Olympics playing, I think, the best test we have all year. To beat a great team like Andy and Jonathan who have had a tremendous year, it bodes well. I mean, a huge goal of ours is to have a good performance at the Olympics. We've been looking forward to it all year. We're going to take a week off and then give it our best shot.

Q. Still, you guys made the quarterfinals last time. Really hungry for gold?

MIKE BRYAN: Yeah, it comes around every four years, and, yeah, we don't want to have to wait until London. I mean, the whole experience is pretty awesome, so we're going to soak it all in and just see what happens. It's tough to put so much pressure on yourself to perform well in that one tournament, but we're going to do it.

Q. You guys are the only Americans of your team that have been there now. Do you feel like you kind of carry a little bit on your back for American tennis?

BOB BRYAN: Yeah, I mean, there are people in the crowd saying, Come on guys, bring home the gold. That's great to have those expectations. Like Mike said, it's tough. Tennis is a game of opportunities. If you don't play well at the French you always have Wimbledon to look forward to. This is the one exception where you have to wait a little while to get another shot. We were extremely disappointed in Athens not to come out of there with a medal. This is all we could do, is come here, play a good Toronto, play a good Cincinnati, and feel like we're in good shape and playing well. That's all we could do. And we're going to go out there and be positive and give it hell. If it falls, it falls. We're not going to cry about it, but we're definitely going to give it 150%.

Q. It was today somebody said that in the crowd?

BOB BRYAN: Twenty people said that.