Richard Gasquet

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Did you know before you went on that he had a problem?

RICHARD GASQUET: No, I didn't know at all, so...

Q. When could you tell?

RICHARD GASQUET: I saw it when I break him at 4-2 in the first. But he played a great game, 6-3 for him. It was difficult for me. I wasn't in a great shape and it was hot.
I played in Toronto, so it was difficult. But I tried to fight. I know he had a problem with his knee, with his shoulder, so I had to fight. I played better and better, and after he stopped. I'm not happy because he's a friend and he has a pain, but it's good for me.

Q. His singles is improving, isn't it?

RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah, he's a good player. You never know. It's difficult to play against him because he serves well and he's great at the net and he's talent. It's hard to play against this guy.

Q. Are you hitting the ball well on hard courts, do you think?

RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah, I played well last week in Toronto. I played a good tournament. I think I'm confident for the tournament.

Q. Last year you had to retire because of a blister. How are the conditions then and now, and do they affect you?

RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah, it's better this year. It's difficult because it's humid and hot and everything. For the blister it's hard, but I have medicine every day for it, and so it's good. I think I played well last week. I'm confident. This year I have no pain. I hope it will be the same tomorrow.

Q. You and Guillaume have been working together for a bit now. How is the relationship going?

RICHARD GASQUET: It's good. We're working hard every day, a lot of physical and a lot of tennis. It's good. I played well since Roland Garros in grass court, Stuttgart. So, no, it's good for me to be with him.

Q. You made a lot of friends at Wimbledon for the way in which you handled that very difficult defeat. We live in an era of gracious tennis players with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Can you talk a little about how you feel about sportsmanship in tennis? There have been some players who have been popular for being unsporting or behaving aggressively.

RICHARD GASQUET: No. It's important to play well, to be a good person on the court, you know, to be fair player. As you said, it's really important. But Federer is unbelievable for that, and same for Nadal. I played him last week in Toronto. He say before the match, Good match and everything, so they're great guys. It's important to have two players like that with Nadal and Federer. It's perfect for tennis for sure.

Q. Do you try to copy that sportsmanship, or do you have your own values?

RICHARD GASQUET: No, I have my own. In France we have these values. We are fair play. We like the beautiful tennis and everything, so in France we are great guys for sure on the court.

Q. If you win once more you may play Andy Murray again. But Tursunov is a difficult opponent.

RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah, I lost two times this year against him. He's tough for me because he's hitting very hard the ball. It's hard for my game. He serve well and he return well and he plays aggressive. But, no, I won him some times, so I know I can win him. But it's hard on hard court. He's a great guy.

Q. Do you think to play him in is different way, or do know how you will play against him?

RICHARD GASQUET: No, he's playing every day the same way. He's hitting really hard and he has a big serve and everything, so I have to play great to win him.
No mistakes, to run well and serve well and just to try to play my game.

Q. Do you try to get in first in the rally?

RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah, of course it's better to play aggressive against him. He has big groundstrokes, so you have to be aggressive.